WATER for Africa is an online curriculum for anyone interested in water development and water resources throughout the world. The course focuses on local water development topics. This course has a three-part focus: cross-cultural training, promoting health in developing countries, and using appropriate technologies for eradicating water-related illnesses. The state of the world's water resources are reviewed and discussed. Water treatment technologies are presented in a method that is appropriate for implementation. Sanitation processes are discussed and designs appropriate for implementation are referenced and presented. Hygiene and implementation of water project in the community are discussed and designs for education and tracking improvements in community capacity will be developed. Project teams may use the course content as the foundation for developing and implementing service projects. This course is a based upon service learning experiences that addresses social justice and human capacity issues in West Africa.

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Use epidemiological concepts to describe the relationship between water, sanitation and other causes of morbidity and mortality in low income countries
  • Articulate an understanding of principles and appropriate technologies for water treatment and sanitation
  • Access and evaluate water quality using standard methods for water analysis
  • Design, construct and evaluate point-of-use water treatment options
  • Develop an understanding of the mathematic principles involved in modeling water treatment options
  • Effectively convey technical solutions orally and in writing
  • Demonstrate communication skills for providing culturally appropriate health and technology education
  • Demonstrate an understanding of cultural competency in working with low income populations
  • Articulate social justice issues associated with access to water, health, and health interventions in emerging nations