Day 8

We will tour the Susquehanna River Valley. We compare and evaluate water temperature and quality as we move southward towards the bay. We will meet with Harry Campbell the Chief Scientist with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to see how agriculture and development impact water flow and water quality.

We will likely stay in Pinchot State park, where we will stay in yurts by the water. There we will evaluate the nutrient concentrations in the water and determine the trophic state of various water bodies. 

Day 9

We will tour the Conowingo Dam and evaluate the engineering of the flood control structure. We will also explore the complicated environmental, economic and social factors that impact the dam, including the habitat for bald eagles and challenge to migrating Shad.

We will likely stay in cabins near the water along the northern-most portion of the Chesapeake Bay in Susquehanna State Park. Here we will look for herons, egrets and osprey as we enter the Bay estuary.


DAY 10: On to the Bay