Water Access: 

“Water is life” says Elliott Wilson, a biologist at the Songhai Center in Benin, West Africa. Worldwide, an estimated 6,000 people, mostly children, die each and every day from water related disease. There are affordable and efficient methods to provide clean water. The WATER program works with the Songhai Center and other local NGOs in Africa to help families gain access to clean water and health care. 

Since 2007 the Songhai Center has been producing Ceramic Water Filters (CWFs) for use in homes in Benin. Each Songhai Center CWF provides clean water for a home. Several hundred CWFs are in use, with more being made each day, so that several thousand people in Benin have access to clean drinking water for the first time.

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This is a ceramic drinking water filter for cleaning water in the home that is made at the Songhai center in Port-Novo, Benin.